The South’s Cultural Problem: Serving Two Masters

I was advocating for the independence of the South in my early twenties. Eventually I realised that even if Southerners wanted a free Dixie, we are by no means ready for it. Rather we should first come to agree, more or less, on core values and then on what kind of nation a free Dixie would be, long before we make it so. Otherwise any serious attempt at independence could only be revolutionary and chaotic.

The underlying issue, as is the case with all peoples at all times, is cultural, and the problem that faces Southern culture today is the same problem that faces American culture broadly, and virtually all peoples everywhere today, namely a religious war between Progressivism and pre-Industrial religion. In the South of course that religion is Christianity, and of course many Southerners still adhere to it.

The great enemy of Southern culture and the solvent of all high culture are the bad ideas of Progressivism which I posit, and hardly originally, is in fact itself a religion.

Southerners are attempting to serve two masters. On the one hand the old religion with its emphasis on self-restraint and self-sacrifice and its comfortable traditions, and on the other hand the Bread and Circuses of Progressivism and its worship of Individuality, Freedom, and Equality. As long as we worship these gods, an independent South would be no better than the America that is decaying before our eyes.

M.C. Atkins

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