Let’s talk about Black Folks.

As a rule, it is safe to say that man is never able to say just anything to just anyone. There are always subjects that, for whatever reason, are taboo. Peoples, or a majority, or a sizeable minority will always have some views of things that they are just unwilling to have questioned, must less criticised, must… Continue reading Let’s talk about Black Folks.

The South’s Cultural Problem: Serving Two Masters

I was advocating for the independence of the South in my early twenties. Eventually I realised that even if Southerners wanted a free Dixie, we are by no means ready for it. Rather we should first come to agree, more or less, on core values and then on what kind of nation a free Dixie… Continue reading The South’s Cultural Problem: Serving Two Masters

We Love Everybody Except White Commies

To those of you that have a beating heart love of Dixie, and who will not betray our heritage or surrender our flag, I declare that we must accept that right now, at the beginning of 2021, after 156 years, the Left has us in a propaganda headlock with one arm and a grip on… Continue reading We Love Everybody Except White Commies