Let’s talk about Black Folks.

As a rule, it is safe to say that man is never able to say just anything to just anyone. There are always subjects that, for whatever reason, are taboo. Peoples, or a majority, or a sizeable minority will always have some views of things that they are just unwilling to have questioned, must less criticised, must less challenged, and lastly, much less attacked.

For example, in this country it wasn’t many decades ago that publicly challenging the paradigm of sex being confined to marriage between a single man and a single woman would have gotten you in heap big trouble. Today, on the other hand, to declare that sex must be restricted to marriage between a single man and a single woman will get you in heap big trouble, at least with half the population and those who currently control America’s big pulpits i.e. news media, TV, movies, big tech, etc..

In regards to discussing Black Folks, honest public debate is almost impossible, the current popular view of things being too important to too many powerful groups.  

But I want to begin sharing my thoughts on Black Folks and their relationship with White Folks, and I intend to do so directly and honestly while, Lord willing, causing as little offense as possible.

A quick heads up: My views on race are progressive, or shall I say, Christian. Additionally, in my view, Black Folks are one side of the Southern coin. They are the chili powder in the chili. It is that one part West African thrown into nine parts British that beginning 400 years ago would produce a place as strange as Dixie. A place that you love to be from and write songs about. A place like that chili that is setting your mouth on fire that you cant stop eating.  

Here in the best part of America, White Folks and Black Folks have been a curse to each other, though historically Black Folks have had the short end of the stick to be sure. But the result of this bizarre and volatile mix has been Southern culture. And it is this good fruit that we must focus on if all of us are to remain, or become once again, free.  A curious mutual respect exists on both sides and everywhere there are myriad bounds of affection (and always have been) and we should all cultivate them.

That Black Folks have a historical grievance is obvious and White Folks who say, “Get over it,” are not being fair or helpful.

But only Black Folks can fix their manifest problems. Why? Because they are human beings and it is a law of nature that only you can fix you. It does not matter whose fault your troubles are.  

Black Folks are America’s ultimate victim group. At least the Indians had a fighting chance. But White Folks cannot fix Black Folks who, by the way, should shun any offer of help because when White Folks try, they’ll likely only make it worse. Just look at what White Progressivism has done to Black culture in the last sixty years. The relationship has been akin to the crack dealer and the crackhead.

Black culture is broken and Black Folks need to fix it, for the sake of the South, as well as the country.

Along this line I highly recommend following one of my black heroes, Larry Elder, who can be found on Rumble or Youtube.

M.C. Atkins

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Follow me on Facebook by clicking here.

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