Since 1865 America has been run by the split personality of Old New England

The Common Man by his nature is historically illiterate or almost so. He knows the myths of his people and the tenets of his religion and any basic history that permeates his culture. For him to function as a member in good standing that is all he really needs to know. If he delves too deeply, he will cease to be the Common Man.

It is noteworthy today, and a source of fodder for comedians, just how little the American Common Man knows about his own past or anyone else’s past for that matter. This ignorance is an intentional result of a Progressive movement that has aggressively captured all forms of media and education and sought to erase and/or rewrite memory.

Memory directs the present and propels us into the future, and Progressivism means to control the future. We are, after all, but blank canvases, and if we can just be whitewashed, we can be written on anew.

The future is why the work of the historian is so vitally important and why we who would resist the new world that Progressivism would create must force the Common Man to see basic truths about the history of the world in which he lives. The history that would circumscribe our future.

So painting with the widest possible brush let’s look at the two oldest and most dominate roots of American history. America was born of two principal seeds, Jamestown and Plymouth Rock in 1607 and 1620 respectively. They grew, and by 1865 Plymouth Rock had defeated Jamestown militarily and economically in a cataclysmic struggle that reshaped our young republic. Since then America has been dominated politically and culturally by the split personality of Old New England, its political manifestation today in 2021 being the Democratic and Republican Parties, the former representing New England’s old religiosity and the latter its industriousness.

Looking at it cynically, on the one side is the religious bigot, self-righteous, intolerant, and toxically evangelical worshipping the Progressive trinity Freedom, Equality, and Individuality. On the other side is the money-grubbing industrialist motivated by profit; capitalism his moral code.

Food for thought.

M.C. Atkins

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