Metamorphosis: The Great Bull of the Right

The key take away of 2020 is the metamorphosis of the Great Bull of the Right

The Common Man, or the Mob, or the Masses may be thought of as a great Bull; simple but possessing irresistible power. The Bull will go where he wishes, and if you stand in its way you will get trampled. If you wish to ride and direct the Bull, then what it believes and wants is of supreme importance.

In the case of the Common Man on the Right, or the Great Bull of the Right, whatever he is today is the product of a decades long gestation that was a reaction to an American Left that only came into clear view some time after WWII. The rise of the Left was especially surprising to the Great Bull of the Right because it challenged assumptions that were centuries if not millennia old. Furthermore after our victory in 1945, the U.S. appeared to have finally and permanently united the country after the catastrophe of the Civil War eighty years before. Also by then we had seen the final absorption of the mass of immigrants that had come to the country during the interwar years.

At that point we all agreed that America was the Home of the Brave, the Land of the Free, and One Nation Under God. Or at least that was what the Great Bull of the Right thought.

But the depth of the Cultural Revolution of the 60’s shocked this Great Bull, and as a consequence the modern American Right was born and has been growing ever since. Both growing and deteriorating at the same time in the toxic environment that has been popular American culture since the 1960’s.

I posit that the great take away of 2020 is the sudden increased awareness of the Great Bull of the Right of 1) the nature of the modern American Left and 2) that he may be facing an existential threat to all that he loves and that he wants his great-great grandchildren to love. He is now much more willing to consider the roots of the problem and solutions. Just as importantly he is ready to take the yoke and trample, if only someone will lead him.

M.C. Atkins

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2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis: The Great Bull of the Right”

  1. Michael Berlin
    Mr. Atkins, I was born in Atlanta (not my fault) but spent most summers and Christmas in Henry County. My family is the Cate and Wimbush of Henry County. I read this article in another source and appreciate your efforts. My question: are you able and willing to give talks to Sons of Confederate Camps. We are in Murphy, NC and would love to have you down if that is something you do. Great article and I have been reading more. Regards.


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