QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine and institutionalising women in combat

By all accounts the government and economy of Ukraine are corrupt. That they were still so ill-prepared for this onslaught after 30 years of independence and being spanked by the Russians in 2014 supports the claim.

But it is the nature of human war that strength seeks weakness and that if the weak is to survive, it must become strong.

It should not be noteworthy that women and children are fleeing the war zone in Ukraine and that men 18-60 are being required to stay and defend their country in this desperate hour. This paradigm is as old as time and may be encapsulated in the image of the wife standing behind her husband in the face of a mugger. Both men and women get it.

Likewise since the beginning of time any given people survive or conquer by the strength of one particular demographic group; strong and martial men in their 20’s and 30’s. This holds true even in this age of so called push-button warfare as we are seeing on the battlefields of Ukraine. War always degenerates into rage, suffering, and chaos (at least for the one losing) and it is this demographic that far and away can best serve up and take the pain. It is the nature of things. Exceptions are just that.

But it is one thing for a people to be ill-prepared for war and be forced to react in desperation. It is altogether a different thing for a people to with forethought plan to be ill-prepared. Which is what we are doing in our country.

The ongoing feminisation of the US military via the woke-driven institutionalisation of women in combat is fundamentally weakening our combat effectiveness but far more ominously our fighting culture.

We can rest assured that we will not forever possess military supremacy and just like Ukrainians today, it will one day hit the fan and we will find ourselves on our heels, and pushing buttons just wont do the trick.

M.C. Atkins

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