QUICK THOUGHT: Are Ukrainians fleeing or emigrating?

I would have fought with the Gauls against Caesar. I lament our loss at the Battle of Hastings. I certainly have not accepted our surrender at Appomattox. Thus I sympathise with the Ukrainians and hope they will be able to maintain their independence. As a Southerner I just dont care for conquerors or being conquered.

But I also want to see things accurately at the 80,000 foot level and thus ‘follow the money’ is one of my primary lenses.

Germany’s demographics have been deplorable since WWII and this is why after that apocalypse they imported large numbers of Turks to help them rebuild. It is likewise why in the name of humanitarian aid they allowed a vast number of Syrians fleeing their civil war to enter the country in 2015. Cynically ‘Following the money,’ if their welfare state requires tax payers and if German women aint producing them, then they’ll have to import them. Other countries in the EU are in the same predicament.

By all accounts Ukraine is a semi-failed state. Corruption in the state and economy is pandemic, sapping the people’s vitality, producing hopelessness, and inspiring many to emigrate to greener pastures if they can.

Fast forward to now. Russia invades and Romania and Poland, both EU members, open up their borders to Ukrainians fleeing the war. But how many of them are killing two birds with one stone?

M.C. Atkins

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