Let’s make America great again, and lids too.

I frequent the Parisian Theatre here in Paris where I indulge in two addictions, namely going to the movies and eating popcorn heavily dusted with Kernel Season’s Nacho Cheddar Seasoning aka: orange crack.

Recently they had run out of my fix because, as the young man at concessions told me, their supplier had run out of lids for the containers. Not the crack itself, but the lids.

I also league bowl at the Bowling Alley here in Paris where I usually get myself a Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, I’m a health nut. I have recently had to buy the big $3 styrofoam cup because they had been unable to get the lids for the smaller ones.

[On a side note, I recently spared on a Greek Church. There were witnesses. For five endorphin filled minutes I basked in my triumph and the roar of the crowd in my head.]

Downtown Paris is probably one of the best preserved and attractive historic city centres in the South. Our Courthouse is unmatched and I wish I could go back in time and hug the committee members who approved the plans.

In the Northwest corner of Court Square sits Jack’s Java Coffeehouse run by an enterprising young man who thumbs his nose at Starbucks as David did Goliath. I recently ordered my Red Eye but he told me he would have to put it in a different cup as he was unable at present to get the lids for the regular cup.

Do you see a pattern here?

My assumption is that there is no conspiracy by our enemies to choke off our supply of lids in order to bring us to our knees. I assume that our shortage of lids is a direct result of the massive disruption in global supply chains brought on by [insert long and perplexing explanations here] and that my lids are probably still in a container ship somewhere off the coast of LA, though honestly, I dont know where lids are made.

I am told by pundits that the post-WWII global order established by the US has come to an end and that we can expect supply chains to shorten considerably. That is, we may start seeing Made in America as well as Made in Mexico more often.

I do hope that heavy industry returns to the US, but what about light industry? Extraordinary tooling is available today that allows enterprising Americans to make all manner of things in garages, shops, and lil’ small town factories.

Why cant some young enterprising family out there start making lids as well? Or any number of the doodads made in China that have choked the shelves of Walmart for so long? Doubtless this is already happening.

M.C. Atkins

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Greek Church

If I recall correctly the 7 pin bounced off the side wall and came back and got the 4. So sweet.

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