QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine: On Russia and its History

I am sympathetic to the Ukrainians and hope they prevail.

There are however two sides to the story. Naturally. What We the Mob need to keep in mind is that if we view what is happening with no historic context and then through the lens of the legacy media (formerly the mainstream media) we are going to have an enormously distorted picture of why things have come to this point.

A man who is in a car accident with his family that claims the life of his wife, two of his seven children, leaving one severely burned, another crippled, and he and the rest injured will be traumatised to say the least. He would never be able to emotionally recover entirely or to reestablish equilibrium in his surviving family. The emotional wounds would be too deep and the physical wounds too demanding. The memory would haunt them all and they would pass its scars on to the next generation.

This is Russia today. The descendants of the survivors of this wreck.

Making the passage from agrarianism to industrialism has been an agony for the great majority of the world. Painting with a broad brush the South made this passage between 1861 and 1877. The trials of Turkey, Germany, France, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan over the last two hundred years are examples that may come to mind. The list could go on and on.

But Russia suffered like few others and it is this Russia that we face today. A Russia that is born of one thousand years of history, of dreadful and unchangeable geographic weakness, and the demographic and cultural apocalypse of the 20th Century.

Putin may be evil incarnate, or he may be a cold and calculating neo-Czar playing the same weak hand that Russian rulers have been forced to play for centuries. But to understand him or Ivan Six Pack, you have to know this history, and Fox is not likely to give it to you.

M.C. Atkins

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