QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine and the outcome that we should hope for.

We the Mob (or We the People if you prefer) have become of a sudden intensely interested in a part of the globe that few knew much about before the shooting. I only knew the basics.

But taking the obvious facts at face value we are understandably offended. But let us swallow both a chill and humble pill and peel off the first layer.

Not only do we no little of the history, our media is right now showing us but one side of the story.

Secondly, we understand that politics make strange bedfellows. But when we find ourselves on the same team as George Soros, LGBT, Big Business, and all manner of assorted Leftists, hedonists, and materialists, then we should ask ourselves by what our new allies are motivated.

Russia has its own Woketards that will make a hash out of Russian culture just as our Woketards have made a hash out of ours. My advice is to think twice before rooting for any kind of outcome that Soros and his ilk would cheer, namely, regime change.

Russia is profoundly weak and struggling to recover from its self-inflicted wounds of the 20th Century. But a Russia run by Woketards is a dying Russia. And for the world a dead Russia would be to live in a prison cell with a rotting grizzly bear.

I am rooting for the Ukrainians but let us not root for a decisive victory, rather a stalemate that allows both sides to claim victory and that sees Ukraine as an allied but non-EU, non-NATO, heavily armed sovereign buffer state.

We want a humbled Russia. Not a broken Russia.

Woketardation is the enemy of humanity. Not Russia.

My $.02.

M.C. Atkins

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2 thoughts on “QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine and the outcome that we should hope for.”

  1. Woke news(propaganda) only tells us what they want us to eat, see and believe. Alternative sources paint a different picture of why he has invaded. If successful, I believe we will see something completely different than what we are being told. Check other sources. Deo vindice.

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