Its Marriage, Stupid!

I wrote this years ago for my local paper and thought I would repost it here in the dark light of 2020 and all of its racial nonsense. Yes dear reader, I am a prophet. 😇 oxoxo

Thanks to the liberals that orchestrated the Zimmerman-Martin show trial (2013), the never-healed wound that is white-black relations in this country has now been reopened and thoroughly salted once again.  This was their intention all along, and had George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin never crossed paths, those that benefit from keeping whites and blacks in a perpetual state of mistrust and resentment would have simply continued doing what they were doing… waiting for another Zimmerman and Martin to cross paths (Floyd George anyone?).

Will this conflict drag on forever?  Are American whites and blacks destined to remain forever mistrustful of each other?  Is the cultural gap that separates us too great?

The answer is probably yes, and, not surprisingly, both blacks and whites are to blame.  You couldn’t have said this in, say, 1950, because at that time there had never been a people in America more innocent or more victimised than the American black.  And I’ll include Native Americans in that list.  But since then the collective black has made one bad decision after another and now must take his fair share of the blame.

When discussing entire peoples it is impossible not to resort to stereotypes or speak of them collectively.  Exceptions don’t disprove general truths.  In the case of American blacks, they are clearly an authentic, historic people in possession of a unique culture that is an unbroken inheritance from their own blood ancestors, and they refer to themselves collectively.

This collective black people have two problems that they are not, as a people, addressing.  The first is colossal and the second merely monumental, but both are the primary sources of all the manifest ills that afflict them today.  The first is entirely of their own making, and the second they may not quite be aware of.  But neither of these problems is their old nemesis, the Southern white.

Their first problem is marriage.

Since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s undid all restraint, skyrocketing divorce and illegitimacy have been a disaster for white culture.  But black people during this same time have suffered nothing short of a cultural apocalypse.

The main proof that marriage is indeed a colossal problem for this people becomes apparent when you divide them into two camps: those that do marry, stay married, and raise their offspring together, and those that do not.  For the sake of this discussion, we’ll refer to the former demographic as Married Blacks Collectively (MBC) and the latter as Unmarried Blacks Collectively (UBC).  Both groups include their respective offspring.   It is as apparent as water is wet that MBC are, according to virtually every indicator, better off than UBC.  They are healthier, wealthier, better educated, possess a higher social status, and are held in higher esteem by the broader population.  Statistically MBC are not so easily distinguishable from married whites, Hispanics, or the polka-dotted.  

But the culture of UBC, not MBC, defines blacks generally because the black illegitimacy rate is now a staggering 72%.

If MBC have made progress in the last 60 years, UBC are now entrenched at the bottom of virtually every major social gauge.  The culture of UBC is synonymous with poverty, ignorance, disorder, violence, and despair.

If the problems that afflict the black community today are indeed a direct result of black people’s mass rejection of God-breathed, natural, rational, and holy matrimony, then this poses a major problem for the collective black worldview that posits that their troubles are overwhelmingly the result of continued persecution by whites collectively…and perhaps now by Hispanics.

Black illegitimacy is one reality for which blacks must take responsibility because they cannot blame anyone but themselves for their women’s lack of chastity or their men’s lack of self-restraint or lack of responsibility after the fact…any more than whites can… or Hispanics.

No people can rise above the level of chastity of its women or the level of self-discipline of its men and the condition of UBC is a case in point.  

American blacks collectively appear culturally incapable of pointing the finger at themselves and accepting responsibility for their condition.  This may very well be a cultural consequence of that long era when they truly were victimized and powerless.  If you grow up being blamed for everything and never hearing a kind word, it can be difficult to accept criticism.  But until they fix the marriage problem that they have created, it doesn’t matter what the white man does or doesn’t do.  They are destined to remain at the bottom of the heap, mistrusted and scorned by all.

But if blacks collectively need to blame whites or white culture or white institutions for their troubles, there is a legitimately guilty party among whites, and this leads into the black community’s second, monumental problem.

Ever since wild-eyed, fanatical, supremely self-righteous and gloriously hypocritical Abolitionists began poisoning the extremely difficult historic problem of black-white co-existence back in the early 19th century, black people collectively have been the lap dog of a white people that have done them more harm than 240 years of slavery and 90 years of Jim Crow combined.

Namely, white liberals.

Blacks need to come to grips with the fact that the path that they have strolled down in the last fifty years that has led to 72% illegitimacy and the destruction of a pious, vibrant, and self-reliant culture, was cleared by white liberals.

Blacks need to come to grips with the reality that to white liberals they have never been, and never will be, more than a black pawn in the white liberal’s fight to the death with white conservatives.  Useful and expendable.

Regardless, there is one thing that blacks and whites share in common that is not cultural or a consequence of history.  A mother needs a husband, a father needs a wife, and their children need them both.  God wrote this in our DNA.

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