Conservatives Boycotting Big

That big business colludes with big government is nothing new. Big in bed with Big for the benefit of remaining Big and getting Bigger is as old as time. The great example in American history was the new federal government in bed with the new captains of industry once the obstacle that was the Old South had been battered down by 1865. The Gilded Age and the Age of the Robber Barons didn’t just happen anymore than the 16th Amendment or Roe vs. Wade.

This has all been perfectly well known by observers and prognosticators of all types for as long as things have been happening, but in my view the great take away of 2020 is that the Common Man is now aware of it, and paying attention. Much like he was after 7 December 1941 or 11 September 2001. If the needle can move, it will now.

The Common Man has distrusted Big Business since at least the Gilded Age, and has suspected since no later than Reagan that both Big Government and Big Media had turned on him, and as a result he has long since lost a degree of confidence in both of these institutions. But after 2020 he now suspects that Big Tech (a spawn of Big Business) has as well. Most troublingly, he now suspects that his beloved military (Big Military?) has too.

What in heaven’s name can the Common Man do to fight this pervasive and invasive Progressive Leviathan? This institutional monstrosity that keeps redefining colossal, forever hemming him in and making him dance like a monkey. There is no army to join or barricade to man.

What he can do is chant ‘Let’s go Brandon!’

He can also boycott which at present is akin to the Indians adopting horses and muskets. They adapted to the new rules as best they could but it was still the white devils’ game.

Whether or not Conservative media can ever muster Conservatives enough to make Big Business as afraid of us as they are of Liberals is anyone’s guess, but there are hopeful signs.

In the meantime we do what we can. As for myself I avoid Coke if I can and will not set foot inside a Burger King or Target. I only use Facebook for activities that Mark Zuckerberg would disapprove. But I have to confess that I am addicted to Youtube and Amazon.

Yes I subscribe to Netflix. I’m so ashamed.

Maybe that one should have been for the confessional.

M.C. Atkins

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Follow me on Facebook by clicking here.

1 thought on “Conservatives Boycotting Big”

  1. Well, you shouldn’t be drinking Coke anyway. Not good for you.

    Thank you for the hopeful post. I do hope the CM is waking up. I’m not seeing much evidence of it myself. But let’s all do what we can, and pray . . .


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