The disciplined will inherit the Earth.

Looking at the big picture, both here in the West as well as globally, the Left has been winning and has been winning for a long time and since there is so much left to destroy, I see no end in sight. One would have thought that the decimation of the Russian people, their moral ruin, and the physical destruction of their country during the 20th Century would be all the evidence that man needs of the destructive power of Progressivism. But alas, hope springs eternal, especially among the historically illiterate, and those ruled by sloth, envy, and greed. Let’s try it in Venezuela and see what happens.

At all times the demagogue exist or can come into existence but he grows like a weed in prosperous times. After all, if you live in one of those times when enough cannot be produced in order to allow everyone to have enough to survive, the demagogue’s voice will fall on deaf ears, not just because the Common Man is struggling to get by, but because the demagogue doesn’t have anything to offer. This is not a problem today because the post industrial era into which most of our great-great-grandparents were born has produced an unprecedented bounty. Thus the demagogue can offer the Mob the proverbial Bread & Circuses which today are in the form of Sexual Liberation & the Social Welfare State.

It should be apparent that both sexual discipline and work are essential to human health and prosperity. This may seem anti-intuitive ’cause in the case of sex if you want to scratch that itch, or have just whoever scratch it for you, you ought to be able, right? Its just pleasure, and pleasure is good, right? Likewise if in order to avoid getting a splinter or breaking a sweat you choose to live in a virtual reality chamber hooked up to an IV, catheter, and colostomy bag watching television and playing video games all day long. You know, ’cause pain is bad, right?

Yet what four adults over thirty years of age, sitting at a booth at McDonalds, who have an hour to ponder over refills of soda and coffee, could not come up with a long list of problems associated with promiscuity or sloth.

No, sexual discipline and work are just sovereign goods that contribute to all manner of good, that is if the good may be defined as the long term health of one’s self, family, and tribe.

Bread and Circuses are all fine and dandy as long as you earn your bread and the circus is behind closed doors with the missus. But if your primary focus in life is sensual pleasure and/or doing as little as possible and preferably on someone else’s dime, then you will decay. Mentally at first, then physically. If enough people adopt this lifestyle within any cultural group, then so will that group.

This has been happening on a grand scale over the course of my lifetime and the cultural rot is everywhere. However, there are many who have remained disciplined, living rational, humane, disciplined lives and raising their children to do likewise, in spite having to raise them in a popular culture that increasingly reminds of us Sodom and Gomorrah.

Even had Sodom and Gomorrah not been fire bombed they were already dying of cancer, and likewise the hedonists and indolent today. The disciplined will inherit the Earth. Eventually. Always have and always will.

M.C. Atkins

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