On Josh Duggar, Christian Perverts, the Media, and We the Mob

Josh Duggar child pornography trial: Week ends with questioning of DOJ  senior crime forensic analyst | Fox News

For those that are not familiar with Josh Duggar, I have added an excerpt straight from Wikipedia down below. Key points to remember are his original claim to fame was that he was the eldest of 19 children in the old reality TV series 19 Kids and Counting and that he is now on trial for being a perv.

In this nation of 320,000,000 plus souls, why is the media focusing on Mr Duggar’s case? Surely there is not a county in this country that cannot boast of its fair share of sex offenders. Why this case?

The answer of course may be found in our basic human nature. We love sensational news. If the sensational event happens around the corner, then it will be much discussed in the neighbourhood or even beyond. As Mr Duggar had achieved a degree of national fame, his fall would naturally interest a national audience.

His fall is the second reason. We humans simply love to see the great humbled, especially the hypocritical. We love to see the fat king knocked from his throne, tumbling down the hill.

But there is a third reason why our liberal media in particular has picked this case. Never forget that those who control the pulpit in any age, no matter what form that pulpit may take, will use it to form simple impressions in the mind of the Mob in order to get the Mob to think in this or that way, or to move in this or that direction. For example, if you know anything about George Washington, it will be that he was a good boy and ultimately an honest man, for he did confess to his father that he had in fact chopped down that cherry tree.

This paradigm is the nature of things and will never be otherwise. All We the Mob can hope is that those who sift and disseminate the news are good and wise folk who love their audience and want what is best for us all.

Now here is my point. For whatever reason, Progressivism wants to shrink the population. I do not claim to understand the motives or the roots of why, but Progressivism has been called a Culture of Death and Malthusianism comes to mind.

If that is true then I posit that our benevolent media today is focusing on Mr Duggar’s case because it wants to impress upon We the People this simple idea:

People who have a lot of children are weirdos and so are their kids. Especially and oh so especially Christians.

M.C. Atkins

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Joshua James Duggar (born March 3, 1988)[1] is an American former reality television personality and political activist. He is best known for his appearances on the reality television series 19 Kids and Counting. The eldest of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar‘s 19 children,[2] Duggar was the executive director of FRC Action, a lobbying political action committee (PAC) sponsored by the Family Research Council, from June 2013 to May 2015. He left this position when news broke that he had molested multiple underage girls, including four of his sisters, when he was aged 14–15.[3]

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