Hey! What cops do in the privacy of their squad car is nobody’s business!

Well, the good people of La Vergne Tennessee are a wee bit red-faced these days after a scandal broke recently that has focused the eyes of the news-watching world upon their little corner of Tennessee heaven. Namely, a female cop engaging in illicit and somewhat unrestrained sexcapades with six of her male colleagues. Caligula would approve. 

The good news is that the behaviour of all of them is still considered a scandal by many in our post-1960’s-Sexual-Revolution-world. The people of this state and maybe the world generally still have a sound sense of propriety, decency, and yes, dignity.

But let’s set those lofty ideas aside and consider another timeless one, namely, the idea that he who is faithful in little is faithful in much.

Police and sheriff’s departments in our world are the bearers of the sword. Along with judges and district attorneys they make up the trinity that protects the innocent, suppresses those who would do wrong, and when necessary, metes out justice to those that do. As the army defends the walls against the enemy from without, they defend us against ourselves, allowing us to enjoy the fruits of our labours in peace.

And if we do wish to sleep peacefully at night, corruption in their ranks cannot be tolerated because of the immense power that they, by nature, wield.

Such broken, faithless, or undisciplined officers as these in La Vergne must be rooted out of our police forces, not just because of their moral degradation, but also because of the police officer’s unique position in society as the bearer of the sword, and because they must not be allowed to rise in the ranks of our justice system or enter the halls of power.

Because, he who is unfaithful in little, can be expected to be unfaithful in much.

M.C. Atkins

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