Why the American Left hates today’s Russia

At the 80,000 foot level, in regards to Russia, I believe that what the secular West fears most is a resurgent Russia rooted in its traditions, history, and most especially Orthodox Christianity. The secular West hates the same trend that is happening in Eastern Europe generally, such as the revitalisation of the Catholic church in both Poland and Hungary since the fall of the Soviet Union.

We know that the Left hates all forms of traditional Christianity here in America. That is, any Christian church that teaches the necessity of self-sacrifice and self-discipline, especially as a challenge to the Sexual Revolution and the welfare state.

The Slavic world has become the secular West’s great enemy because it fears that Christians in Eastern Europe, the Americas, and Africa will rise together, envelop, and overwhelm the secular heartland of Western Europe, thus perhaps creating a long term existential crisis for the great experiment we call the Enlightenment, and its unholy trinity of freedom, equality, and individuality.

Food for thought.

M.C. Atkins

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