Surely pedophilia is a bridge too far

Let’s say that our plump king is strolling buck naked down Main Street in speedos a size too small. Except for their boots, holsters, sashes and, epaulettes his armed guards are dressed likewise.

You might say that the King looks utterly ridiculous and shameful, you’d be right, and the King would feel it, as only a sociopath is immune to criticism and mockery. And this makes him angry because he loves the convenience of getting thus dressed, the freedom of motion, the low cost, and most importantly the ability to go from the pool to the dining room with only having to towel off. And he wants everyone else to be able to enjoy these benefits but it is hard to enjoy anything if you are are the butt of a joke.

No, everyone must agree that wearing nothing but speedos to the theatre is perfectly normal so no one feels embarrassed, much less ashamed.

And in regards to that which compels man, there is little more compelling than the opinions of his fellow man. To be thought a hero or a coward. To be admired or to be ridiculed. To be respected or despised.

Now imagine what you really want is to be able to hook up with whomever, for however long, but not be bound to any person’s long-term well being, i.e. marriage. But what if that conduct (fornication) is generally considered shameful? No problem. You can still do it as long as you are discrete or can bear the shame, but because of the shame associated with fornication your market of potential hookups is going to be relatively small, and indeed that is a problem.

The solution would be to completely eliminate the stigma of pre-marital sex, which incidentally the Left has successfully done since the 1960’s, as anyone over age seventy can testify.

But the Left didn’t stop with the elimination of the stigma of fornication. No, what it wants is the elimination of all restraints, no matter what, including and especially the restraint that is disapprobation, and the shame or embarrassment that attends it.

This is all fine and dandy until it butts up against the realities that are human nature and nature itself. I may imagine I am woman, imagine that I feel like a woman, dress up like a woman, adopt the persona of a woman, and want to go shopping downtown. So I dont feel foolish everyone might even go along with it and say, ‘Hey Marcy, that sure is a pretty dress you have on.’

No problem.

But you might have a problem if I decide to follow your wife into the ladies’ room.

You might also have a problem if I decide to join the girls’ basketball team. (Assuming I could play basketball, which I cannot.)

You also might have a problem if in a time of war I were to dodge the draft on account of my recurring menstrual cramps or because I became pregnant.

You might also have a problem if the King appoints me Minister of Kindergarten.

Common sense observation, and thousands of years history and accumulated wisdom ought to be enough to prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that we humans have a nature that inclines us in two directions. One towards the better outcome and one to the lesser outcome.

Likewise common sense tells us that self-restraint or discipline is required to achieve the better outcome and that shame or embarrassment are their great supports.

In living memory we have allowed ourselves to walk along the beach almost naked. As of yet that remains shameful much out of the sight of water. Likewise we can fornicate without embarrassment, but so far we have yet to extend this privilege to children. We pretend that women can be in combat or that it wont make a difference either way, but we have been reluctant to pretend that they can play football with sixteen-year-old boys, or that men can compete as women in women’s sports.

It’s fine for two men to marry and adopt a child. But so far, it is not ok for a man to have sex with a boy.

We’ve come a long way in liberating ourselves from the shackles of olden times, but surely the legitimisation and cultural acceptance of pedophilia is a bridge too far. Right?

M.C. Atkins

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