What Conservatives ought to be trying to conserve

I am a headline reader. I do this regularly as part of my effort to stay broadly informed, and this, at the end of the day, gives me a sort of connect-the-dots image of the world. Or a picture of a landscape out of focus, or a view at 80,000 feet.

Dominating this broad view in America is the three-hundred-year conflict between a Progressive worldview and a much older Christian worldview. You can imagine a worldview being akin to a hard drive within which everything else is an application. In the West, Christianity used to be this hard drive, though this has long since ceased to be the case. Now Christianity may be thought of as an application within a Progressive hard drive, though viewed as a virus by the host.

What is noteworthy is that Conservatives dont really think in terms of there being a religious war. This is not surprising because the typical American Conservative cannot define his conservatism much less what he is trying to conserve.

Take Fox News for example, the great pillar and champion of American Conservative media. I look at their website everyday. Were you to follow Fox nonstop for a week you could summarise its editorial stance as pro- America, freedom, equality, and individualism.

But remove the patriotism, CNN preaches the same gospel of freedom, equality, and individuality, except instead of pro-military, 4th of July, hotdog, apple pie, and Chevrolet, it and other Liberal outlets preach CRT, social justice, and LGBTQ. But all in the name of freedom, equality, and individualism.

And this is why we Conservatives keep losing.

We lose because in the name of freedom, equality, and individualism we offer hard work, discipline, self-sacrifice, and self-restraint. On the other hand the Left is offering Bread & Circuses. Bread in the form of taking from those that have, and giving it to those that vote that they should have it instead. Circuses first and foremost in the form of Sexual Liberation, but generally in allowing and encouraging people to do whatever they good and well want to do. But all in the name of freedom, equality, and individualism.

But what neither side talks much about is human nature. It’s almost as though we do not have one.

But neither Liberal nor Conservative media can address the elephant in the room because to do so would challenge our core assumptions about freedom, equality, and individualism.

And speaking of human nature, we dont like having our comfortable assumptions or traditions challenged because, speaking of human nature again, we like being comfortable.

But in this ideological age we have all built our houses of cards upon the sand. Freedom, equality, and individualism are fine notions and useful within a certain context, but they cannot be the foundation itself.

What we Conservatives need to be trying to conserve is a rational understanding of our human nature and of the world in which we live. And this leads to an understanding of what is best, right, or wisest i.e. proverbial wisdom.

M.C. Atkins

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3 thoughts on “What Conservatives ought to be trying to conserve”

  1. How did that freedom equality and fraternity work for the French? Seems some lost their head over it. History has a habit of repeating itself.


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