QUICK THOUGHT: The Democratic Party’s perfect storm and President Pelosi

I am one of those that doubts the legitimacy of the 2020 election. That Trump could garner 11,000,000 more votes than he did in 2016 and still lose to a man like Biden seems unlikely. Biden at his best was a weak national candidate, but throughout the 2020 campaign it was obvious that he was slipping mentally. Anyone over sixty can testify that it happens, but why then did the Democrats put him forward as their champion? There were of course reasons, but in the face of his apparent decline, shouldn’t they have found another option at all cost?

But Biden got the nod. Ok. But just in case his state of mind continued to deteriorate, as will often happen with those approaching eighty, you would think that they would choose a solid vice presidential candidate.

Now, I am going to present a couple technical terms here to help describe a certain human type.

I posit that Vice President Kamala Harris is the female version of what anthropologists will call an ‘Asshole‘ which is derived from the Latin podex. An Asshole is a male human who by his conduct is not trusted by his tribe, sows discord and disorder, and is actively disliked by those inside and outside his circle.

Anthropologists call the female of this type a ‘Crazy Bitch‘ from the Latin vesana meretrix.

Kamala Harris is manifestly a vesana meretrix.

But this was obvious prior to the 2020 campaign and throughout it. So why did the Democratic Party choose to pair her with Biden when there was an increased possibility that she may in fact become President?

Now, let’s fast forward to today. So far, the Biden administration has gotten off to a rocky start for sure, Biden’s mental state appears to be deteriorating further, and the geopolitical landscape continues to shift rapidly producing all manner of new challenges and dangers for our country. Can he complete his first term? If he cannot, then would Harris be able to perform the duties of President, or would her presence in the Oval Office produce what anthropologists refer to as a ‘Cluster F__k?’ (rutubosa ineptitudo) in the most powerful office in the history of the world?

Now this may be beyond the realm of possibility for even these strange times in which we live, but in the event that Biden can simply no longer function, and thus Harris must be called upon to become President, might both parties, citing a complete lack of confidence, agree to remove her from office, thus making Nancy Pelosi president?

I dont care for Pelosi one bit, but I love my country, and would almost be relieved to call her Madame President. At least she is sane.

M.C. Atkins

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