It is high time to play the long game against the American Left

If we face an enemy that comes at us with tanks and bombs we will know what to do. We will return in kind and if necessary pour out a river of blood to stop them.

But what do we do when we face an enemy that means to limit our choices, such as tell us what we must wear, what language we must speak, what we can or cannot do for a living, what we must or may not ingest, or via taxation decide what will be taken from whom and to whom it will be given?

Well, if artillery cannot not drive them off and escape is not possible, then we will resist as best we can, and prepare for and await the opportunity to break the shackles of our oppressor.

But what if our enemy insist that we not only obey his dictates, but that we must also believe and approve of what he believes and approves?

Well, he could torture us into saying and obeying but to cause us to believe, he must persuade.

But failing that let’s say that our enemy decides to play the long game and persuade our own wee bairns to think as he would have them.

This is the American Left and the enemy that we face today. An enemy that can neither be bombed, fled from, or silenced, and that has long since been reaching for the cradle in order to eliminate resistance at its source.

An American Left that means to redefine what it is to be human.

The Left has for a long time been playing a very long game, and it is time that we begin to do so as well. And we start by reassessing what it is to be human beings, and accepting those limitations.

M.C. Atkins

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