The Bimbo, The Bitch, the Butch

Which of the women in the picture above would you want to bear and raise your children if you had to choose based solely on what you see? Ok, a gun is pointed at your head. Pick or you never conceive again.

Assuming that all four are marriageable and well within their childbearing years, who knows for sure, but there is a part of you that would say ‘Dude. The ones in the poster. Fetch one to me!’

Another factor to consider is the attire of the ladies on foot. There is another part of you that might reason that these two are religious women, Muslims specifically, and that Islamic culture extols modesty, motherhood, and home as feminine virtues. The part of you that sits atop your neck might reason that these virtues could contribute to your quality of life over the next, say, fifty years, and might contribute to the character of your grandchildren and the character of their grandchildren.

My point is that this photo is a less than subtle criticism of Islamic culture and a subtle praise of what has (sadly) become of Western culture. The dripping sex kittens are supposed to be seen as positive or better-than the traditionally clad women who might look more suited for the little house on the prairie or an episode of The Waltons than for the modern American shopping mall. The sex kittens are liberated and the traditional women are the opposite. It is a snapshot of the Western Left’s view of women, born of the Sexual Liberation movement, which was born of feminist ideology, which was born of the elevation of freedom and equality as sovereign truths, which was born of the Enlightenment, which was born of human hubris.

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Broadly speaking Feminism extols three kinds of women; the bimbo, the bitch, and the butch. In a nutshell Feminism despises femininity and the home & family that woman is, by nature, inclined to make. The result has been the self-centred modern American woman that is either a sex toy, a bad-man, or a combination of the two, and always self-centred. Loads of fun or dangerous, and in marriage a ticking time bomb. No man with any sense would carry one home to meet mother, much less entrust to such a mate his life and posterity.

No, the wise man will pick a Mrs Walton any day. Tough, independent, and reliable, she always puts herself last behind you and your children, and in so doing takes her place amongst the unsung women of her tribe who make up the bedrock of society if not civilisation itself. She is the producer and cultivator of your posterity. One worthy of clocking in and out for for fifty years. One worth dying for.

And ask the old men that have had their Mrs Walton for fifty years. Her, a pillow, and a blanket is all a man really needs in the sack.

5 thoughts on “The Bimbo, The Bitch, the Butch”

  1. So true. Today’s “woman” is supposed to be what Hollywood projects her to be. The hardened teenager with mystical superhuman powers, suddenly endowed to her by one of the gods of yesteryear. Maybe this began with Wonder Woman or the six million dollar woman of the 70’s and 80’s or perhaps even sooner. These womens’ job are solely to save the planet from evil and yet here we are. Looking at evil almost every time the tube is turned on. How’s that working out? Give me the women and wives of the Viking series on the History channel. They not only stood by their man but fought beside him, besides bearing his children and had the nature of loving both her husband and her children, willing to die for him or with him. What great hairstyles! Don’t care for tattoos but they wore them well. Hello, Tammy Wynette-Stand by your man! Then we have today’s “man”! Maybe Mr. Atkins its time for a follow up on today’s man.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Mr Martin! In my view the ideology of feminism is the greatest evil of all times because it has split the human atom. He has divided the basic building bloc of human society. Not the individual, but rather the man and the woman.


  2. My mind goes back to the first feminist poster I remember though then I didn’t pay much attention to it or what it forbode.
    A long haired blonde, wearing a leather jacket and leather mini skirt in a mens room using the urinal while standing up. I wonder where my mind was. It certainly didn’t project to the future, this day we live in. Where is Archie Bunker? When boys were boys and goils were goils.
    Hope this is not too dramatic. Its a thought that has lived on in my memory.

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  3. ‘goils were goils…’

    Right. Of course I was a little boy when All In The Family was airing but I remember it well. Archie was of course reacting to the 1960’s just as we today are reacting to 2020. We see today how 2020 is a product of the 60’s and we can assume that the 60’s were a product of…??? Clearly the 60’s didn’t just happen. The ground work had been being laid for generations.


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