The impossibility of gun control and why we aint having it.

Within virtually any county in these United States there are men who, working collectively, possess the knowledge, machines, and material to build and fire a howitzer…should they desire to do so.  For any number of local men, making a working pistol from scratch or converting a semi-automatic rifle to fully automatic is child’s play.

To imagine that we, by legal decree, can remove firearms from circulation is the height of Progressive naiveté.  The technological advances necessary to make them were made centuries, if not millennia ago and are now far too diffuse.  We could sooner illegalise the Iron Age or un-invent the wheel.

Additionally, and at any given time in history, somewhere in the world there have been armed rebels waging wars against established governments that were unable to crush and disarm them in spite of that government possessing the power to tax, the most advanced weapons systems of the age, and the license to use those weapons, which they often did with extreme brutality.

Yet in spite of these obvious truths and an ocean of contemporary anecdotal evidence that demonstrates the impossibility of keeping firearms out of the hands of those determined to have them, Progressives still insist that a population can be disarmed by decree.

A population will only be disarmed if it permits itself to be. Americans clearly will not, and the reason has nothing to do with our burning passion for squirrel hunting. It is rather because we do not trust our government.

We do not have confidence that our government will not oppress us if given the power, neither do we have confidence that left to its own devices, our government will oppress the criminal elements among us.

By possessing firearms, and cultivating and maintaining a martial culture, we radically decrease the chances of the government acting against us. And if it tries, we greatly increase its risks and costs. Likewise for criminals.

It’s as simple as that.

M.C. Atkins

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