Chomsky’s Classical Era When Thought Began
Noam Chomsky – On Being Truly Educated (Youtube)

In the attached video, well-known philosopher Noam Chomsky, addresses what it means to be truly educated, and suggests that we should ‘…go back to some of the classic views on the subject.’ Sounds good to me. Seems wise to go back to early sources that have stood the test of time.

He thus directs us to the eminent German polymath and philosopher, Alexander Von Humboldt. He died, by the way, in 1859.

This was a little jarring. I am no scholar but I have some idea of the timeline of history, and it would seem to me that he might have gone back a little farther. Maybe to the time of Erasmus, or Martianus Capella, or maybe as far back as Plato.

But I suppose it is a hallmark of Progressivism that time for them began with their revelation and prophets, so about 300 years ago. Should Progressivism finally overthrow Christianity altogether, it can at last dispense with the old AD and BC way of counting years and maybe start anew with the year Voltaire was born, which would make this the year 327. No, 327 AV. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

M.C. Atkins

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