[QUICK THOUGHT] What does Robert E. Lee have to do with Adolf Hitler?

May be an image of 3 people and people standing
Good grief!

I do not know the context of this picture but taking it at face value the man carrying the Nazi flag is either extremely ignorant & wrong-headed, extremely vain & insecure, and/or a plant. I do not know any born and bred Southerners that honour our flag and history that are Nazi sympathisers. This type of ‘Look at me!’ display is extremely destructive to our cause as it allows the enemy to define us as they wish. Robert E. Lee would have loathed Adolf Hitler as did the American Southerners that fought him in WWII. The association is absurd but the liberal media is speaking to a very dumb mob on the left, but more importantly in the middle wherein is the battle for hearts and minds.

Do not permit fools like this participate in our rallies. Yank the swastika out of his hands. Go to jail if necessary.

My $.02. oxoxo

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