Intelligent Design remains the last man standing and the Confederate flag yet waves.

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As we continue to digest 2020, Southerners must never lose sight of why our Confederate monuments were so targeted for removal. It is not because today any serious adult on the Left really believes that old school racism still exists in the South or anywhere in the US for that matter. It does not, and anyone who believes otherwise either has his head in the sand, is dumber than a box of rocks, is a Leftist ideologue, or doesn’t remember 1970 or any year before.  

The Confederate flag has to be erased because, with its St. Andrew’s cross and bloody history, it symbolises the South’s Christian resistance to secularism.

What happened in 2020 and everything connected to it, including the continued attacks on Southern history, was yet another chapter in a 300-year religious war between the old monotheistic religion of Christianity with all of its restrictions, and the new kid on the block, Enlightenment philosophy, with all of its promises of Bread and Circuses in one form or another.  

But compared to what the Theory of Evolution has done to our collective beliefs about our origins, the war on the Confederate flag is but a skirmish.

One of the great triumphs of the Enlightenment has been its ability to replace, within the popular consciousness, the Christian story of the origin of man with the Darwinian. General Evolution has been presented as fact, or as something that would inevitably be proven and could go ahead and be accepted as fact. There is no God because all that we can perceive was the result of accident.

But the truth is Enlightenment scientists and philosophers have failed miserably to prove evolutionary theory or to disprove the existence of God.

I highly recommend the attached video for those interested in this topic. David Berlinski is not a Christian and compares his relationship with Intelligent Design with that of his ex-wives: warm, but distant. Mr Metaxas is the director of Socrates in the City which hosted this event, and I recommend you listen to his introductory remarks if for no other reason than that he is entertaining. I for one listen to this sort of lecture at 1.5 or 1.75 speed without a problem.

But what we theists can have absolute confidence in is that the existence of a creator, beginner, or founder remains the sole plausible explanation for the existence of anything that we can perceive. Any other explanation remains speculative or just flat out science-fiction.  

M.C. Atkins

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