Looking at the Bright Side

Conservatives have every reason to be depressed. Like the Armenians, we too were beaten last November and beaten badly. But I think it is better to compare us to the Russians in the fall of 1941 or our own ancestors on the 8th of December of the same year. The Germans and Japanese seemed unstoppable, but in hindsight both wildly underestimated the core strength of the giants they kicked in the groin, and they were, in fact, stoppable.

So today in 2021, let us look on the bright side, two bright sides in particular.

It needs to be pointed out again and again that the beast that is Progressivism does not so much hate Trump as it hates the Conservatives that put him in office in 2016 and thus derailed its progress. In spite of unprecedented institutional opposition, Trump won, and then won again, we believe, in 2020 with an army of 75,000,000 remarkably enthusiastic voters. This is extraordinary and represents massive strength on the Right.

Not that our Orange Julius Caesar reborn is a true Conservative; he’s not. But for whatever reason, Conservatives love him and view him as their champion.

The second bright side is that while Progressivism retains its hold on America’s bully pulpits, we 75,000,000, the Tenth Legion re-mustered, know personally those who voted either against Trump or for Biden, and social distancing cannot prevent us from persuading those that can be persuaded. 65,000,000 in 2016. 75,000,000 in 2020. Why not 80,000,000 in 2024?

And many can be persuaded because they trust you and me personally.

I respect and admire President Trump, but he is no messiah, and neither is he my point here. Rather my point is there is real power on the Right because we are at least trying to seek truth and strength. The Left is irrational and its anti-values are self-destructive. It is nothing but Bread and Circuses within a house of cards.

M.C. Atkins

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