We Love Everybody Except White Commies

To those of you that have a beating heart love of Dixie, and who will not betray our heritage or surrender our flag, I declare that we must accept that right now, at the beginning of 2021, after 156 years, the Left has us in a propaganda headlock with one arm and a grip on our rocks with the other.

We must accept that in the eyes of the bleating sheep of both the Left and the Right, the Left has successfully defined the Confederate flag as a wholly racist symbol and those that display it as fundamentally racist. The Left will only release us if we agree that we are evil incarnate, to don sack cloth, and then grovel at its feet. And of course pay taxes. Lots of taxes.

So, let us ponder our position, in this most uncomfortable and alarming of positions. What to do?

Many of our sheep on the Right tell us that we have lost the battle and should surrender both our emblem and our view of things and retreat to more defensible ground for the sake of the broader Conservative movement. I call this appeasement and if 2020 has taught us anything it is that the Left cannot be appeased. They wont stop with the Confederate flag, Lee, Jefferson, and Washington. They are coming for Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Johnny Appleseed, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Mr. Bojangles.

To get out of this position we must be smart, tactical, and patient. It will take a long time to reclaim the power to define our own emblem and history in the eyes of the public.

I have one idea of how we can continue to do so that I want you to stew on. One bullet for our bandolier.

For years defenders of the Confederate flag have said “Heritage, Not Hate!” Smart! But I want to add another slogan that points to the spirit of our most potent of symbols as well as the true enemy of the West.

We love everybody except white commies!

It’s pithy, and full of meaning and truth. Something to think about.

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M.C. Atkins

4 thoughts on “We Love Everybody Except White Commies”

  1. “So, let us ponder our position, in this most uncomfortable and alarming of positions. What to do?”

    Our first course of action has to be to defend our personal dignity which means absolute non-compliance with anything that offends against it (presently, wearing of masks is a prime example). Defending our symbols with our bodily presence is another.

    What will change those who oppose us is to make it unprofitable for them to do so. Let’s consider what is their payoff and how to cut into that.

    We will need to be willing to sacrifice and winning, even just fighting, this war against the Left will cost us dearly. Sadly, the capacity for sacrifice seems to be is short supply right now. People want their comforts and to do what they want to do. But it begins with me. So, onward!

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    1. My thinking is that we need to assume that we have lost and will continue to lose, and then fight like hell to the bitter end to hopefully inspire the next age and so that when we reach the pearly gates we can say we tried.

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      1. What, precisely, do believe we have lost and what do you hope to inspire the next generation to do?

        My reason for asking this is I am wondering how unified in purpose those on the “losing” side are. My suspicion is they are not, which is one reason they will continue to lose.

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  2. We have lost our assumptions of what our country is, namely, the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free, but more importantly any assumption that we ever had that this is or has ever been a Christian nation.

    In as much as a Christian may hope for and work towards temporal solutions to the issue of human governance, my hope is that future generations will re-found a nation or new nations as overtly Christian.

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