To live and die in Tennessee, and vote

I read in the news that the Tennessee Republican Party recently removed three candidates from the ballot for the seat representing the 5th Congressional District, which includes Atlanta. I mean Charlotte. Sorry, Nashville. Two of them, Ortagus and Starbuck, for not having lived in Tennessee long enough and the third one, a Baxter Lee, for… Continue reading To live and die in Tennessee, and vote

Why ‘Uh-huh’ instead of ‘You’re Welcome?’

Several years ago I heard a Northerner speak critically of how Southerners often say 'uh-huh' instead of 'you're welcome.' To this Northerner it seemed a bit rude. But Southerners (cultural Southerners I mean) are well known for being friendly and polite, so this didn't add up in my mind. I have heard this complaint since,… Continue reading Why ‘Uh-huh’ instead of ‘You’re Welcome?’

Homegrown Southern Progressives: Two Tales

Decide for yourself whether or not the follow two stories are true or at least ring true. There was a young woman in a typical small-town, rural Southern county. She suffered from melancholy and eventually sought some professional help at a local clinic that could provide both counselling as well as prescribe medications if that… Continue reading Homegrown Southern Progressives: Two Tales

QUICK THOUGHT: The Democratic Party’s perfect storm and President Pelosi

I am one of those that doubts the legitimacy of the 2020 election. That Trump could garner 11,000,000 more votes than he did in 2016 and still lose to a man like Biden seems unlikely. Biden at his best was a weak national candidate, but throughout the 2020 campaign it was obvious that he was… Continue reading QUICK THOUGHT: The Democratic Party’s perfect storm and President Pelosi

Let some young men go work in the trades at thirteen! Dadburnit!

I am aware of a skilled and industrious carpenter in his 50's that charges and receives $35 an hour in a small town, rural West Tennessee county. With such money to be made it is surprising that so few young men enter the trades today. Ask any tradesman out there if there is a lack… Continue reading Let some young men go work in the trades at thirteen! Dadburnit!

QUICK THOUGHT: Are Ukrainians fleeing or emigrating?

I would have fought with the Gauls against Caesar. I lament our loss at the Battle of Hastings. I certainly have not accepted our surrender at Appomattox. Thus I sympathise with the Ukrainians and hope they will be able to maintain their independence. As a Southerner I just dont care for conquerors or being conquered.… Continue reading QUICK THOUGHT: Are Ukrainians fleeing or emigrating?

QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine and institutionalising women in combat

By all accounts the government and economy of Ukraine are corrupt. That they were still so ill-prepared for this onslaught after 30 years of independence and being spanked by the Russians in 2014 supports the claim. But it is the nature of human war that strength seeks weakness and that if the weak is to… Continue reading QUICK THOUGHT: Ukraine and institutionalising women in combat