Dilbert and The Black Civil War

You will recall that some months ago the well-known black actor Will Smith ran up on stage during the Oscars and open-hand slapped the equally well-known black comedian Chris Rock during his stand-up routine. He did this because he felt that Mr. Rock had insulted his wife. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since, but only recently in a new stand-up routine did Mr. Rock publicly address this very public slap-down.

Evidently Mr. Rock was in fact deeply offended and he has not gotten over it.

In his counter-attack against Mr. Smith delivered during this routine, Mr. Rock brought to light an aspect of African-American culture born of the slave years that remains deeply embedded in his people’s collective psychology. When asked by people why he didn’t strike Mr. Smith back, Mr. Rock declared because he had parents, and his parents taught him that you do not fight in front of white people. Judging by the camera work, the African-Americans in the audience thought it was a funny joke.

As a result of the unique pressures this people were under during the ages of slavery and Jim Crow, a natural unity evolved. It was a world-against-us mentality, and thus the root of his joke about not fighting in front of white people. You must present a united front.

But back in 1996 in another infamous routine where Chris Rock repeatedly used the n-word he shined the light on a new aspect of African-American culture when he declared even back then that a civil war was raging amongst black Americans.

So, put a pin in that.

Evidently someone recently conducted a poll asking African-Americans if it is okay to be white, and about half the respondents said no, it’s not okay to be white. Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, was more than a little offended, donned his suicide vest, made a public statement that subsequently went viral, thus detonating his vest.

In a nutshell he declared that if half of African-Americans do not believe it is okay to be white, then they are a hate group and white people need to get far away from them.

What I would point out to Mr. Adams is that the African-Americans are no longer a homogenous, culturally unified group (any more than white Americans are) and that the civil war Chris Rock spoke of as far back as ’96 is an indicator of this. Indeed since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s African-Americans have split into two camps; those that have held on to the values of hard work, patience, endurance, faith, and family of their Jim Crow era ancestors, and those who back in the 60’s climbed into the windowless van of Northeastern white liberalism.

These are the bitter and ignorant ones. The barking junkyard dog of white wokeism. In Lord of the Rings terms, they are the tortured orcs of Melkor.

Mr. Adams, a good third of white Americans appear to be out of their minds. I say let’s get away from them and keep them out of the neighbourhood if we can. They are the problem and without them the black racists that think it is not okay to be white are but rabid junkyard Yorkies. And let us not forget that half of African-Americans still said it was okay to be white, in spite of the relentless decades-long provocations of white liberal agitators.

These black folk are not just okay, they are our natural allies now in our new civil war between sanity of wokeism.

M.C. Atkins

M.C. Atkins

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