The Left in sheep’s clothing

Were I to meet Satan face to face my assumption is that he would be dressed to the nines and his manners perfect. Forgive my sexism but I do assume that he would take the form of a man. But if he, she, or it were to assume the form of a woman, I assume that that ze would be a knock-out.

There is that dadburn sexism again!

I also assume that he would be a brilliant conversationalist, full of wit, and speak a great deal of truth.

But I would also assume that the truth he spoke would be a cover for the lie that, once believed, would lead to the spit on which I would be roasted repeatedly for his amusement and supper. So, I would be on my guard.

I was born during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s and have grown up and lived throughout the Culture War that it spawned. My enemy is Progressivism and the Wolves that drive it, though not the Carnivorous Sheep that, via democracy, support the Wolves passively in exchange for Bread and Circuses.

Throughout my adult life and right up to 2020, in my naïveté, I believed that Progressives believed what they said about democracy and freedom of speech, that is, that they were supreme goods. I did not believe that these two ideas are supreme goods, but rather I believed that Progressives thought them to be so. I did believe that they were ideas that could be good and useful within a certain context. But I took some comfort in all this because it meant that we at least had some common ground. We were adversaries for sure, but at least we agreed to some common rules of engagement.

After 2020 I at last understood that American Progressivism has been lying all along about its commitment to freedom of speech and democracy. As a result, I no longer trust the American Left at all and suspect that it is not nearly so interested in homelessness, the environment, or racism as it makes itself out to be.

No, since 2020 the Left has continued to show its true colours. It has removed the sheep’s clothing to reveal itself to be the existential threat to sanity so that even the Common Man can at last see it. But this is good news too. For those who have the high ground, the less fog on the battlefield the better.

As frightening as facing off with a red Satan with fangs, forked tail, and trident would be, at least there would be no doubt he is Satan.

M.C. Atkins

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