Sex: We cannot have our cake and eat it too

Since the founding of our country, the ideas of individuality, freedom, and equality have been elevated above the family and tribe (or polity or people) while the importance or relevance of the latter two have been systematically diminished. We have furthermore elevated human happiness as a supreme good, at the expense of duty, responsibility, and self-sacrifice.

The most alarming rights that we have granted ourselves in the name of individuality, freedom, equality, and pursuit of happiness can be summed up in the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s. There isn’t much that makes you happier than sex, except maybe food if you are particularly hungry, but neither is there anything more consequential, except maybe starving.

However, much stood in the way of the no-holds-barred, free-for-all sex-buffet that American liberty has given us today. First were the cultural restrictions, and secondly were the institutions that had been established long ago to support them. The cultural restrictions were rooted in our human nature and timeless observation i.e. sexual license just doesn’t work. The institutions were those that promoted monogamous marriage because in the big picture, monogamous marriage does in fact work.

Modern media would, generation by generation, grind down the cultural restrictions, and the institutions now lacking cultural support would crumble in their turn. The marginalisation of the Christian church over the last few hundred years serves as the great case in point.

By 1960 Progressivism had prepared the culture for the revolution it was about to unleash, and within an astonishingly short period of time the stigma against sex out of wedlock would almost vanish, and no-fault divorce would become the law of the land. Chemical contraception to avoid pregnancy would become available and legal, and abortion would be legalised to clean up the mess if one got through.

But Progressivism could not stop at liberating men and women, as revolutions usually do not come with brakes.

No, if in the name of individuality, freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness we were going to set men free to copulate at will and set women free to copulate like men, then it was only fair that others that want to copulate with whomever should be allowed to as well.

But it just doesn’t work. Sexual license produces the same good times as drug abuse, video game addiction, or an 8,000 calorie per day sugar-based diet. But at the end of the long day, all it produces is sadness, warped or broken children who grow up to be warped or broken adults, and ultimately nihilism.

M.C. Atkins

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