Where are the racists?

Throughout 2020 we were told relentlessly that we have a race problem in America. A serious one. Then a black man died under the knee of a policeman which was presented as indisputable evidence that we not only have a grave race problem but that black people were in fact being mown down in the streets by law enforcement.

Statistically speaking this was and remains utter nonsense. In fact, race relations had by 2020 improved radically in my lifetime and I posit that anyone that does not believe that doesn’t remember 1970.

My question for BLM and Antifa, and all you young people that dont even remember 1995 is, where are the racists? Dont tell me to look in the mirror. I am not one though both of my otherwise excellent grandfathers (b. 1912 and 1913 respectively) were. But virtually all white people were back then so that hardly makes those good men stand outs.

There is a redneck beer bar close to Court Square here in Paris, Tennessee. Surely they are there. Yet go there during its drunkest hours on a Friday night and you’ll likely as not see local working class blacks playing pool with their redneck friends, or even a black man with a white girlfriend.

What about here at our local bowling alley (called The Bowling Alley), the indoor sport of the white working class? You’ll see blacks there on date night and in bowling leagues on teams with their white friends. No one cares and neither does anyone care that the owner is mixed race. Some Tennessee-Korean mix.

Off Court Square down the hill there is a black owned and operated bar & grill locally famous for its hamburgers. It is a black folk watering hole that also does a thriving business with white folk. There everybody seems to love everybody.

My barber is black and he cuts a lot of ‘straight hair.’ Nicest man you could want to meet.

The fact is that here in the rural and small town South, whites and blacks get along swimmingly. As an experiment I go out of my way to greet black folks that I come across and their reactions are always friendly and kind.

No, that America today is a racist nation is a barefaced lie perpetrated by Leftists who want to continue to play the race card. They want the old cudgel to work like it did in the bad old days. It is no different than the environmental-card, or the homelessness-card, or now the pandemic-card. An impossible to prove or disprove charge that allows the Left to cry, ‘The sky is falling! or ‘The end is near!

And of course the solution to these problems always requires a massive transfer of money to the Left and a reduction of the liberties of us all.

In this nation of 300 plus million people and this age of the internet you could probably find a community of people that wear underwear on their head while dancing the waltz howling at the full moon. Sure, you can find old school white racists out there but they are residual holdovers and nothing more. White people, especially white Southerners, my people, by and large moved on long ago and continue to in spite of the provocations and agitations of far-Left actual racists be they black, mocha, or especially white.

I also believe that amongst those blacks that have remained in the South’s small towns and little cities, and who are themselves of the South, there is an exhaustion with the old bitterness that seems to have re-enslaved their own people in America’s big cities. And this is why I think that black folks in the South’s flyover country are so friendly and kind. I think that like their white Southern step-brothers, they too just want to move on, and enjoy life in the country that their ancestors helped build.

M.C. Atkins

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