I do not trust what any leftie has to say about climate change

I can no more assess climate change than I can covid. I am not a specialist in any field that would allow me to make heads or tails of the data or allow me to discuss the data with other specialists. I will have no choice but to listen to specialists who are trying to explain it in layman’s terms. This is the nature of things. You could say the same thing about cabinetry or bass fishing.

The question for me is who do I consult? Unlike cabinetry or bass fishing though, the stakes of climate change could hardly be higher if Greta Thunberg and her kind are to be believed. So I must be very careful who I pick to educate me. 

First I am going to pick someone with whom I feel some affinity. Someone that I sense that I can trust. Because it is going to have to be a sense, since I cannot know the truth of something so complicated, and especially considering that there is so much disagreement among the specialists themselves.

With trust we get to the crux of the issue. For myself, I do not trust avowed communists or socialists and will suspect an ulterior motive in any assertion they make, about almost anything. Likewise I will be suspicious about the opinions of secular-humanists seeings that their worldview emanates from a radically different point than mine. We may agree on any given conclusion, but I will always wonder by what path they came to it. 

There appears to me to be a radicalism amongst the climate change advocates and their followers that approaches the hysterical, and I am mistrustful of those that would persuade by shouting and furious displays of agony and self-righteousness.

Furthermore I believe the overwhelming majority of radical climate change advocates are Progressives who also advocate or support abortion, gun-control, mass immigration, so-called gay marriage, and most every other leftist issue. This causes me to trust them even less.

Because of my biases I am inclined to believe those (be they informed or not) who say climate change (like the dangers of covid) is being used by the Left in order to advance its broader agenda. A claim impossible quantify and easy to exaggerate that allows the Left to declare the sky is falling and that the only way to stop it is to raise taxes and increase regulations, and thus make us poorer and less free. Which is what the Left has always done.

If climate change advocates want to move the needle by persuading skeptics on the right that it is as serious as they say, all they have to do is persuade broadly educated, well-informed, and well-respected Conservative pundits. I’ll listen to them.

But Al Gore? I would have no more confidence in his opinion about climate change than I would about why inflation is on the rise. 

M.C. Atkins

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2 thoughts on “I do not trust what any leftie has to say about climate change”

  1. Good article. To me, the best rule of thumb is, What solutions are they offering? As you point out, all their solutions involve stripping us of our liberties and comforts, and enriching the people making the claims. That makes it more than suspect right there. The fact they refuse to debate their claims only increases suspicion.


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