No way Captain! My body, my choice!

As humans we have a myriad of obligations to other humans that are born of our human nature. They are not social constructions, such as for example, if I see flashing lights in my rear view mirror, I will pull over and await the officer’s approach, at which point I will be asked to present my driver’s license and auto insurance. I will comply with the instructions because it is required by law to do so in my country and also because I dont want to go to jail or get tased if I resist arrest.

But what is not a social construction is my inborn obligation to heed the summons of the chief of my people, be he a governor, president, king, or literal tribal chief in a bronze bull-horned helmet. Like the individual and the human family, the people (however they may be constituted or whatever customs they may practice) is a product of our human nature, and like the family serves a purpose.

The people are a naturally occurring alliance between families for mutual aid and protection. At all times virtually everyone is a member of a people and subject to its laws, customs, mores, traditions, etc. Hermits living off-grid are few and far between, after all. What security an individual or family enjoys is dependent to a large extent on the strength and influence of their people.

Just as women understand instinctively that it is they that produce the human nest, men understand instinctively that they must come to each other’s aid when the people are threatened. Likewise men understand that failure to do so could threaten their, and more importantly their family’s place within the tribe, and thus their security.

So when the bells peal and the King cries ‘We are under attack! To arms! To the walls!’ the men must go, regardless of their fear or own self-interest.

We cannot say ‘Sorry King. My body, my choice.’

M.C. Atkins

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