Smart People, Covid, and Progressivism in Sheep’s Clothing

I want to reach out to those doctors and biologist-types who believe that Jesus Christ has always been and is in fact now God. Or, that faith lacking, to those brainiacs who consider themselves just good old-fashioned, love-it-or-leave-it Americans.

Will you acknowledge that the worldview that is Progressivism is antithetical to yours or to what you value? If you do not, that’s weird, but have a nice day. If you do, then with that established let’s consider the following slice of American pie, namely social distancing, masks, lockdowns, vaccines, and the vaccine mandate, as a means of combating covid.

You sciency-brainiac-types are amongst a very small minority of us who are qualified to examine the evidence and form a meaningful opinion on covid. The rest of us will have no choice but to pick a voice to believe, be that voice an established specialist such as yourself, a pundit in the media who sifts your opinions, or an electrical engineer that writes for QAnon.

Will you, the one with the real training, acknowledge that within your tribe there is widespread disagreement as to the dangers of covid and/or how to combat it? Will you acknowledge that throughout history right up to the present that those who have been most knowledgable about the living world or have been thought to have been, have from time to time, been wrong and even wildly wrong?

Of course you will. Good heavens, there was a time when those that helped deliver babies didn’t wash their hands first! The historical list of bad-medicine-thought-good is near endless and still growing.

Secondly, will you acknowledge that the Left has planted its flag on issues where there is widespread agreement across the political spectrum, such as issues like race, the environment, pandemics, and homelessness? I mean, who is actually anti-environment or pro-homelessness?

Now closer to my point, will you accept that the Left uses these issues as cover to advance other issues where there is sharp disagreement between what we consider the Right and Left today? Issues such as the nature of man or the nature and scope of human government.

So you, the doctor, biologist, or medical-scientific type may believe that the masks and social distancing have been effective. You may believe that the lockdowns were necessary and effective. You may believe that the vaccines by and large work and have been effective. You may even believe that the danger to us all is so serious that the government, ultimately via force of arms, should (or should have, or may should yet) mandate them.

I will not be able to argue with you because I just dont know. All I can do is listen to you and other specialists duke it out and then decide what I think or am going to do or not do.

Ok, that’s settled.

But will you acknowledge that your masks, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine mandates have come at a social and economic cost that your scientific or medical training does not qualify you to assess? Will you acknowledge that the cost may have been significant? Will you allow for the possibility (and only the possibility) that your fix may prove, in hindsight, to have been worse than the disease?

Will you, who are trained in the art of living things, and who love Jesus, Old America, or maybe even both, acknowledge the possibility, and just the possibility, that the American Left (a near contradiction in terms in my opinion) has used covid to advance their broader agenda?

M.C. Atkins

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