QUICK THOUGHT: Abortion for the sake of our lords Freedom and Equality.

Lord willing Roe v. Wade will soon fall. It was bad law born of Progressivism’s imperative to progress at all costs, including undermining the nature of law and our own ancient legal traditions. And of course the butcher’s bill.

By Progress we mean advancing the reality of freedom and equality, two of Progressivism’s principal deities. That is, sovereign truths to which nature or reality must be reconciled. Thus was born the ideology of Feminism, the font of which is womankind’s unique human nature. That is, by nature, she can be envious of man’s. Man is rarely envious of hers.

Thus if Equality and Freedom are gods, then woman must be the equal of man and as free as man. If she is not in fact, it must be made so. If it cannot be made so, it must appear so.

Thus if man is free to rut like a wild boar, she should be as well. If he does not have to become pregnant, neither should she. But! if reality intervenes, as it so often does, and she does become pregnant, then she must be free to end her unborn child’s life, thus reestablishing her equality. If he can just come and go and not share the lifetime burden that is a wee ‘lil bairn, then she should not have to either.

If Roe v. Wade falls, just remember that it stood for fifty years as a monument to womankind’s desire to be as hedonistic as man.

M.C. Atkins

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