A Quick Thought: On Kyle

Man has since the beginning of time been led by simple ideas that speak volumes. Ideas that are often associated with symbols and images. Christ on the cross being the most potent symbol of all time and certainly for the West.

Likewise those who would lead have used simple ideas that become memories to control the thoughts and actions of those they would lead. Imagine the prehistoric mother telling her child about the boogeyman. The blackness beyond the fire was after all full of peril and she didn’t want her little tyke waddling off while she slept.

Modern media has certainly used the event or the moment and its associated imagery to hammer into our collective mind an impression that may cause We the People to think and react in this or that way. Think the sinking of the Maine, Pearl Harbour, the Gulf of Tonkin, and 911.

Here is my point. Whether the good and courageous Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent or guilty was secondary. The reason that this event was chosen by the Left to put and keep in the spotlight is the same as why they focused on that ballsy couple in St. Louis who dared to brandish arms in the face of Leftist thugs. They seek to impress upon our collective mind a new idea. A new boogeyman.

Dont resist.

M.C. Atkins

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Follow me on Facebook by clicking here.

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