Defund the Humanities, not the Police

Of all the madness, stupidity, and outrageous hypocrisy that we were subjected to in 2020, surely the idea of defunding the police would get at least the silver medal. I’m afraid that I would have to give the notion that we are still a racist nation the gold.

But what is the real reasoning behind the idea of defunding the police? What is the genesis of it? Surely no one that matters believes for a moment that you can have any kind of functioning society without police, or put another way, without the fear of retribution. Surely this is just a slogan concocted by Progressive theorists and then fed to their mob by a Progressive media in order to move the needle in this or that direction.

We all have an inkling of who the great thinkers and movers of Progressivism were. The great theorists who established the foundations of this new religion and those who have built upon it since. Voltaire and Marx may come to mind and rulers like Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Castro will ring big bells of recollection. Today there are any number of rising stars on the Left all vying for the bullhorn and hopefully their footnote in history.

But every army must have foot soldiers, sergeants, and junior officers. Where and who are they? I dont mean the Carnivorous Sheep that will follow anyone that feeds them and lets them do what they want. I mean those worker bees that know that they are Progressives, know why, and know what Progressivism is progressing towards.

My question is, who are they and where are they made? Where do they come from? From whom did they get their ideas? What pew did they warm in their youth? At whose feet did they study?

They came of course from Progressivism’s system of seminaries, where you learn the in’s and out’s of your religion and the why’s and how to’s. From there, you go forth to spread the gospel to the unwashed and to expand the borders of the kingdom.

The high priests of modern Progressivism do not call these centers of indoctrination ‘seminaries.’ That would be too honest. Rather, they are known as the humanities departments of America’s secular university system.

And it is these humanities departments across the nation that annually pour forth a small army of freshly ordained preachers and priests who will then go on to make themselves useful enough to earn a paycheque and then climb whatever ladder they can. And there, at that desk, or behind that counter, or in whatever committee they land, besides doing what they are paid to do, they will likewise let their light shine by preaching the gospel of American Leftism or otherwise advancing its cause.

I do not understand the deep theory behind the American Left’s call to defund the police, though I know it must be sinister and naturally meant to hurt its erstwhile enemy, American Conservatism. But two can play that game. If we really wanted to hurt American Progressivism, to bomb its deep supply chain, then I propose that we defund the humanities departments in America’s secular universities.

M.C. Atkins

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