Hey Conservative! Quit throwing the South under the bus!

A hatred of white people is a main plank of the modern American Left. That most Leftists in this country are white is ironic for sure. But one thing is certain– white people are to blame for everything the Left hates, and that’s a long list.

But what if you could eliminate everything those of European stock (aka white devils) have ever done. That would take care of the problem, but would you be satisfied with what you had left? The intellectually honest would, of course, acknowledge that over the last 2,500 years Europeans have done a great deal of good, and to remove their contribution entirely would set the clock back, let’s say, about 2,500 years.

Now let’s say you are a Conservative with no emotional attachment to the South or Southern history. What you love is America and those myths that unify us. What you hate is Progressivism for unraveling our culture by turning about the half the population into Leftist Orcs or Carnivorous Sheep.

These very Leftist Orcs have repeated over and over for many years that Southerners are uniquely racist, the Civil War was only about slavery, and that our war time flag and all of the monuments that Southerners have erected to our Confederate heroes symbolise and sustain a racist mentality.

Now if you, a good Conservative, are unfamiliar with Southern history and culture you might very well agree with your Leftist Orc enemies. And you might reason that the Confederate flag and monuments are in fact a liability to the Conservative movement and agree with the Orcs to remove them if possible. You might also reason that this may appease the wrath of the Orcs, remove obstacles to dialogue, and expand common ground.

But what else might you lose in your battle against the enemy?

Well, you can cut the nuts off a stallion but its not going to be quite the same horse.

You need to grasp two important truths. First, the South is the backbone of the Conservative resistance to the madness of Progressivism because Southerners are Southern and they are Southern because of their history. Without the bulwark that is the Conservative South, Conservatives in states like Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kansas, and Montana simply would not be able to hold the line.

Secondly, my dear Conservative friend, appeasement will not work with the American Left any more than it did with Hitler. They’ll have Robert E. Lee for dinner, but Abe Lincoln for supper. And mark my words, they’ll have Martin Luther King, Jr. for their midnight snack.

Good Conservative friend, dammit, stop throwing the South under the bus! If you insist that we forget who we are, all you’ll be left with is merchants, Lindsey Graham, and Forrest Gump.

M.C. Atkins

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