If we redefine what is disordered, we will wind up redefining what is child abuse and neglect.

No matter how squared-away your young parents were, all of us over thirty, without exception, looking back at how we were raised, can bear some grudge against them, though it may be mild in nature. Likewise anyone who had decent parents can look back and realise and appreciate the value of being raised well. Likewise any adult that suffered particular cruelty and neglect at the hands of parents or guardians can now, in hindsight, appreciate what a difference it would have made to have had good parents themselves.

Likewise we all understand that we are the product of our childhood. Those that were injured to any degree who have a desire to understand and a modicum of understanding can see in themselves the wounds sustained in childhood and understand that as a result they carry ‘baggage’ as we say today.

Child abuse and the baggage that it produces is a theme in the recently released movie Suicide Squad. The connexion that it makes is an idea that resonates with us all because it is so obvious and oh so human.

We get it. If you go hungry as a child (as did my maternal grandfather b. 1913) it will have an impact on you as an adult. Likewise if your father beats the hell out of you or your mother is a crack whore. Ask any prison warden or anyone that deals with juvenile delinquents if they think there is a connexion between child abuse or neglect and crime. Of course there is. Duh!

Why is it then that we are willing today to identify as negative every adult consequence of childhood abuse except homosexuality?

Why is same-sex-attraction given a pass when the connexion is so obvious? By declaring the fruit good, we are saying the same of its roots, and thereby contributing to the eventual redefinition of child abuse itself.

M.C. Atkins

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