The New American Peasant: Tuck me in and sing me a lullaby while stroking my hair. Now, dammit!

I have been listening to Vladimir Putin on Youtube quite a bit lately and am coming to better understand why Western media or just the whole Western establishment so hates the man. He is pro-Russian, pro-Christianity, and pro-tradition.

By all means blast him if you like. He plays hardball and doubtless has done some nasty things. Or rather has ordered some nasty people to do some nasty things. But Russia cant be ruled by teddy bears the way America can.

But what has really struck me about him is how he speaks to his people like they are adults with brains who have an inkling of what is going at the 80,000 foot level, can handle hard truths, and have a sense of their own history.

This in contrast to how American politicians so often speak to us as though it is story time, or as though they are trying to explain to us why we need to brush out teeth, or are warning us about the boogeyman.

But we Americans are now so proud and scared of our own shadow that even honest statesmen dare not speak the truth to us.

So frightened in fact that it may be said that via democracy we have created an asthenocracy i.e. rule of the weak. Or perhaps we can call it the rule of the sheep. Heaven forbid anyone tell us anything that does not confirm our worldview or that may cause us to rend our garments, pour ashes on our heads, and cry out mea culpa!

So our leaders will not tell us hard truths because we insist that they not. We have long since become a nation of whiners, and heaven forbid our leaders tell us to take off our mask, pull our thumb out of our mouth, and rise from the fetal position and otherwise man up.

You get the government you deserve.

M.C. Atkins

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