Warning! The driver is gay! He’s also courageous.

So I saw a bumper sticker recently in my hometown of Paris, Tennessee that I have never seen anywhere.  It was the gay flag with the following inscription: Warning!  The driver is gay.

Let’s set aside for the moment the connexion between child abuse and same-sex attraction and why this man should probably be pitied, and instead focus on his courage. He feels strongly about his proclivity and is prepared to be provocative, if not antagonistic towards local culture and sentiment. He wants change. He wants those who yet believe that homosexuality is a disorder or it’s practise a sin, to change the way they think and feel so that no warning is needed. So that same-sex attraction is no different than preferring a barrel chested man to a lean man, or high heels and net stockings to spandex.  

He is at least standing up for what he believes in, as opposed to all of those Southerners who value their Christian and Southern roots and see the value in their preservation, who wont so much as stick a 1″ x 1″ Confederate flag in the bottom right corner of their rear window, much less a put a license plate on the front bumper or a proper bumper sticker on the back one. Much less fly it proudly in front of their homes.

His courage and our cowardice is one little sign of why they are winning, and we are losing.  

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