Signs of a great awakening on the Right are everywhere.

Several posts ago I posited that the second most consequential result of the coup in 2020 will be the great awakening of the Right. A friend of mine asked me where I saw the signs of this. This is a good question and I’ve been stewing on it. In a nutshell, I view what is happening on the Right as a rising tide or a river basin that has been poorly dammed, overfilled, and badly managed for too long. Something has to give.

In hindsight, 2020 will be placed by historians in the same category as years like 1968, 1941, 1860-1865, and 1776. There was what came before and then what came after. It will be a break in the timeline. The events of 2020 were so remarkable that they cannot but produce a reaction, and that reaction must come from the Right in direct and proportional opposition to the initiatives of the Left that made 2020 what it was. For every action there must be an equal reaction, right?

The dismay, anger, or even fury of the Right must manifest itself in some way.

While we Conservatives hardly agree as to what we mean by the term, Conservatism has been growing since the 1960’s at least. It is increasingly articulate and was powerful enough to create a titan like Rush Limbaugh and then put an odd-duck like Trump in the Oval Office against massive institutional resistance in 2016, and only by wholesale fraud was he defeated in 2020.

In my view Conservatives today are vastly more conservative than they were yesterday because we have 50 years of hindsight. And I believe that the hardcore Right is growing and getting harder, and it is the hardcore of any movement that guides and propels it.

So I think signs of the awakening of the Right are everywhere. They are as numerous and visible as the little bubbles on the side of a pot of water set to boil, my little blog here being but one of those tiny bubbles.

I believe that the water will in fact begin to boil. Whether or not it boils over is anyone’s guess.

M.C. Atkins

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