We Must Build Our Society on a Foundation of Common Sense, Not Ideas

The basis of all things human is our human nature, and we cannot escape it any more than the dog can escape his, not that it would ever occur to a dog to try. But unlike a dog’s nature, our nature does allow us to consider and imagine anything whatsoever. We can contemplate our very nature itself, we can fantasise about changing our nature, or we can just plain ignore our nature.

Unlike the dog, we can have Ideas, and these Ideas can lead us in this or that direction even contrary to a powerful natural inclination. For example, I may be hungry and have food before me, but I may imagine it is best that I fast and not eat.

Unlike the dog, we are by nature deeply concerned about the future and are passionately concerned about the health and long-term security of our offspring and are willing to deny ourselves virtually everything to secure a better future for our wee bairns.

We are capable of self-restraint and self-sacrifice and we understand instinctively that these are essential for both our survival, the survival of our own, and yes, even the survival of our tribe, which we as social creatures are inclined to love because of the protection it affords those that we love most. Today we call this love of tribe patriotism.

It is a hallmark of Progressivism and the modern popular culture which it has spawned that human nature is hardly discussed at all.

How, after all, could you institutionalise abortion, put women in combat, and cast common sense restrictions on sex out the window if you did discuss human nature?

Instead, we have all, Left and Right, long ago embraced Ideas as our guiding lights, the great Progressive trinity of those being Freedom, Equality, and Individuality.

Based on Freedom, Equality, and Individuality we can imagine that human sex is merely physical and that any stigma or restrictions against it should be removed, even to the point of allowing a woman to destroy her own unborn child. The result of this Sexual Liberation has been the weakening of the American family and degradation of our culture.

Likewise we can imagine that combat is not an extension of man’s unique masculine nature and that woman is the equal of man in this arena.

The problem with the adoration of Ideas is that, unrestrained by a common sense understanding of human nature, they inevitably result in practical effects that range from high levels of inefficiency to societal collapse.

M.C. Atkins

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