The Left has awakened the Right and filled it will terrible resolve

It is now obvious to the Right, even to common foot soldiers like me, that the Left with the support of the Establishment conducted a massive power play in 2020. China, the virus, the lockdowns, the protests, the race riots, the mail-in ballots, and massive voter fraud were all connected with the understood aim of taking control of the Oval Office and both houses.

I say understood because this was not just a single grand conspiracy concocted in a smoke-filled room by a small handful of power brokers in 2019. This power play has been a long time coming. Depending on your altitude you might say for generations. It is certainly a continuation of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s. A great push to institutionally consolidate the Left’s gains of the last fifty years and continue the advance.

Yes, there must have been some conspiring by some very powerful conspirers pulling some big levers, but the basic strategy of the Left at any given time can be understood by its sergeants, lieutenants, and colonels just as their real counterparts in an actual war can more or less understand what their general’s basic strategy is. Let’s not give the rank and file on the Left a pass. They knew what they were doing when they were donning their face diapers, tossing molotov cocktails, or losing ballots.

But the whole thing has been an incredibly audacious and risky move and the Left has paid and will continue to pay a dreadful price. It has first and foremost liquidated its status as a champion of democracy or free speech. It has gravely wounded half of the country’s confidence in the electoral process, the rule of law, and our governing institutions. Wild hypocrisy has always been a defining trait of the American Left going all the way back to Plymouth Rock but it will now be on full, glaring display and the Left will not be able to escape its glare.

However, most ominously, the Left may have done what Rush Limbaugh and a host of pundits that have followed never managed to do. Namely, to awaken, galvanise, and energise the Right in direct opposition.

The Left may yet imagine that the creature it has awakened may keep playing by the rules. But it may have awakened a Balrog.

Power only listens to power. The Left went violent in 2020, cowed the country, and has seized institutional power by fraud and the Right now with all its rage filled heart knows it.

It is obvious to me that we have entered a period of low intensity civil war. How it will play out is anyone’s guess. But what we can say with certainty is that the Right is clawing its way out of its cocoon, bare fanged, and angry as hell.

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M.C. Atkins

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