The Left hopes and imagines that we will continue to play by the rules.

Setting aside the extreme Left that wants to burn the country to the ground, the Left and its great mob of bleating sheep assume something about the Right and its great mob of fat but no-longer-so-happy-sheep that may or man not be true. Namely, that in spite of the greatest fraud in American history the Right in this country will continue to play by the rules.

Thanks to 2020, a great and unprecedented shift has occurred in the collective psyche of the Right. Until today, the Right has believed that our 200 hundred and something year old electoral system has by and large worked fairly well. Sure, there have been lots of hiccups and even dry heaves along the way and political historians could list them, but when, for example, Obama was elected twice, even though Conservatives hated it, we accepted it because we thought he had won fair and square.

Power brokers, strategists, pundits, and the studious on the Right may have seen November coming an age ago and even tried to warn us in 2020 of what was afoot, but We the Mob turned on Fox News that evening to watch the results come in, assuming that we could accept them, one way or the other, as we always have.

What has unfolded since then has profoundly shaken the confidence in our public institutions of the one half of the country that is most likely to carry its own weight, obey the law, and I’ll dare say that half that most loves the country and is most likely to sacrifice sons and treasure to defend it and its institutions.

The Left assumes that we Conservatives (whatever that means) will continue to play by the rules and they may be right. But if you derail a speeding locomotive and take it down a dirt road, dont be surprised if it doesn’t hold together.

M.C. Atkins

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