The New Manor House

There always have been and shall always be ruling elites or ruling classes.  This is an inevitability born of human nature and any attempt to make it otherwise will end in failure.  We humans are hierarchical.  Kings, administrators, and ditch diggers are vocations and all of us, whether we like it or not, have one or are somewhere (perhaps multiple somewhere’s) within the various social structures of the day.

Security is a universal constant and most of us will choose (often happily) to play a generally subordinate role in exchange for it.  For example, how many of you reading this right now have a trusted employer who makes a lot of money, but with whom you would not trade places for an instant because of the burden that employer carries?  You want a reliable paycheque, not sleepless nights.  

Most of us are fine with being pawns, as long as we trust the king.  

While ambition is not a universal constant, all societies produce Power Seekers.  That is those who want more, or who are inclined to rule or lead, and will work hard to achieve power be it money or influence.  I, right now, am one of those seeking the latter, that is I am trying to influence you.  Think the preacher behind the pulpit or the anchorman on the nightly news.

If we all, in one respect or another, will be led or circumscribed, then my first questions are, where in the power structures of today am I, my family, my county, my state, and my other associations?  Who would presume to lead or influence me and mine?  My next questions are to what degree am I circumscribed or led and are these limitations and influences reconcilable with my idea of myself as a free man among a free people?  

I am not a slave pulling an oar in a Phoenician galley, the striped back of the man in front of me a constant reminder to keep on’a’pullin’.  I’m fat and happy like the poorest among us.  We live in a prosperous age.

But in regards to the distribution of power and influence in the USA today, I am uneasy about a long term development that is now global, namely the growth of mega-cities or metropolises (think Nashville) and the cultural disconnect between them and the region from which they emerged and draw their strength.  

Nashville the Home of Country Music and a reflexion of the values of Tennessee is my kind of big city.  Nashville as a manor house of Progressivism that rules and despises the land between it and Atlanta?  Not so much.

M.C. Atkins

2 thoughts on “The New Manor House”

  1. “Who would presume to lead or influence me and mine?”

    “Presumption” is the correct word here as we have seen egregious presumption in government overreach into our private lives this past year: closing churches, ordering wearing of masks, stay-at-home orders, etc, etc, etc. The government exists for the good of the people, not as an end in itself, a truth most politicians seem to either be unaware of or ignore. My answer to the State in every area of its presumptive overreach is: non serviam!

    “My next questions are to what degree am I circumscribed or led and are these limitations and influences reconcilable with my idea of myself as a free man among a free people?”

    We are being fed so many lies and expected to just take them in and accept them. Living with lies is not freedom, it’s slavery. In the struggle for Poland’s soul under first Nazi, then Soviet, rule, Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, martyred in 1984 for speaking the Truth, said freedom is something we can lose only if we give it away. We give away our freedom whenever we submit to unjust laws and decrees.

    “God instilled in man the desire for truth. This is why man thirsts for the Truth and despises falsehoods . Truth, like Justice is connected to Love and Love has a Price. Truth always unites people, it moves them. The weight of Truth frightens and unmasks lies; lies of little people, people who are scared. The continuous battle against Truth had gone on for ages, but Truth is immortal, and lies die a quick death.”

    “Truth never changes. It can never be destroyed by any decision or legal act. Telling the Truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom. A man who tells the Truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment, or custody.”—Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

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