Will the wound that the Left inflicted on the Republic last November be fatal?

If Biden has in fact won fair and square, then we have in fact lost the war. That is, the Cultural War. That great value shift that occurred during the 1960’s. It would mean that it has reached a tipping point, and that there is in fact no longer a Silent Majority that holds to the older values. But if Trump in fact won, but via mass fraud Biden is given the office, then it means the end of the Republic. Maybe not the day after but much sooner than it might have otherwise ended.

The common American’s respect for the Rule of Law and the notion of majority rule are two of the greatest legacies of our culture that since the founding have allowed for the peaceful transfer of power by means of elections that has been referred to as a miracle. Only in 1860 did the system really break down.

The greatest danger is not the damage that Madame President Harris and the radical Left will do to our country in the next four years. The greatest danger is the damage done to these legacies. To our collective belief in the system and willingness to accept its results… peacefully.

Democracy only works if everyone believes the vote is fair. If it is believed by a large minority or even half of the population that it can be manipulated, then it loses it legitimacy. And if man cannot settle his disputes at the ballot box or under Law, then how else will he? Well, we have a 5,500 year record of how man resolves disputes when there is no law or authority that all accept as legitimate.

If a coup is in fact taking place and it is allowed to stand, it will be a wound from which the Republic may not be able to recover.

My $.02

M.C. Atkins

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