Why the Left is intent on erasing the past.

It bears repeating (and I am painting with a wide brush here) that the religion of Progressivism despises the past and tradition. The past because it was imperfect and tradition because it carries the imperfect past into the future. Progressives after all are utopians at heart and mean to create heaven on earth. You know, since there is no actual heaven.

I think this is at the root of why Progressivism spends so much energy on controlling what we remember and believe about the past and as a consequence, why they are so determined to eradicate its physical symbols.

Its war on all things Confederate will of course come to mind, but after 2020 we see that Mr Bojangles, Aunt Jemima, and Uncle Ben have got to go as well, to say nothing of tyrants like Washington, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.

If monuments and syrup bottles cannot be spared, architecture certainly cannot be either since as a reminder of both the space and time in which it was erected its shelf life can be extremely long depending on the materials used. Consider the pyramids of Egypt which continue to evoke…errr, well, what? My point is, they will remain safe until such time as whatever ideas they evoke run contrary to whatever future Progressivism is imagining.

Brave New World, 1984, and Animal Farm remain must-reads for Conservatives because they speak so simply and clearly on Progressivism’s core value of human reform via controlling memory, but also because they were written so long ago that we now have the immensely valuable benefit of hindsight that show them to be prophetic.

Progressivism rejects human nature and believes that if man can simply be made to forget, he will be a white canvas upon which to paint something new and better. To be rebuilt and made into a better mousetrap… I mean man… I mean androgynous human… I mean androgynoid.

Thus all reminders of the past must go.

3 thoughts on “Why the Left is intent on erasing the past.”

  1. It maybe that you want to be PC, but you have overlooked the role of the NAACP in this situation that now exists. They (NCAAP) want to still be a force in the American Culture (along with the money funding) and therefore always must have a goal that people can move behind it. Along with them, the SPLC love to gather in money… so they must continually keep adding the people’s favorite Hate Groups to their list so the funds can flow, like water, into them. Together they fight to eliminate all hate from the world and get they get rich at the same time. Add the BLM who love Corporations for the money they bring, It is a perfect world for all of them now as all people want to be seen as morally woke.


  2. Morning Harvey!
    May my finger nails fall off if I ever want to be PC. If I ever am, it’s unintentional and I DO want it pointed out.

    I agree with everything you say about these organisations. I try to keep my word count relatively low and was focusing on the broader point, rather than the actors themselves.

    Have a good one and thanks for subscribing! Mark


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