Fighting the Leftist media, fighting fire with fire, Conservatives boycotting

Seems to me that the Left has by its massive power play of 2020 either wildly overplayed its hand or has rightly judged that it was time to convert the cultural gains of the last 50 years into institutional currency.

Regardless, the second most consequential result of the coup is the great awakening of the Right that I posit has only just begun and culturally will be a seismic shift.

The Left began its long march to power generations ago and one of its greatest strategic victories was the capture of the public narrative primarily in the form of institutional control of media and education.

Via control of the media in particular it has been able for some time now to capture and direct the thoughts of the great Mob of American Sheep of both the Left and Right that by their nature as Sheep are ill-informed, seek the path of least resistance, and are inclined to conform.

One of the most powerful weapons in the Left’s media-arsenal is the ability to coordinate attacks on perceived ideological enemies of Progressivism by reporting corporate malfeasance as though it is news. For example, it can target a private company that does not toe the Progressive line, or worse yet, manifests some openly Conservative inclination. This wont effect gun manufacturers who dont give a rip what the Left thinks but if you are trying to sell a politically or morally neutral product or service to the general public, being accused of being horrible by the man with the bull horn in front of your store can kill your sales. Better to hide your Conservative inclination, or better yet, just openly toe the Progressive line… as so many American companies do.

The nascent Conservative media does not yet possess the power to make corporate America fear us as it does the Left, but the power and anger on the Right is now so deep that my assumption is that in 2021 this will really begin to change. Somehow.

In the meantime I haven’t purchased anything from Amazon since they banned Parler. But I’m just a house fly. We wont bring that pachyderm to heel until we become a swarm of tsetse flies eating out its colon and choking it every time it draws breath.

M.C. Atkins

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4 thoughts on “Fighting the Leftist media, fighting fire with fire, Conservatives boycotting”

  1. Where do you see concrete signs of the Great Awakening of the Right? Where is the mass movement forming? I am not seeing it. I hear people saying the right things but am not seeing action. The signs of relentless government control are all around us and the masses, save one or two courageous souls, continue to comply to every- and anything they’re told by the government, from the highest to the lowest office.

    Please, tell us where you see signs of real hope.


  2. Good question and I’ve been stewing on it since I glanced at it a couple days ago. In a nutshell it is like a rising tide or a river basin that has been too dammed, overfilled, and manipulated for too long. There must be a reaction because for every action there is an equal reaction. That sort of thinking. But I am going to address this in an upcoming post.


    1. I fear the tidal wave. Without strong and moral leadership (which our society does not seem capable of producing), that will just result in destruction everywhere and for everyone. An uncontrolled angry mob destroys but never builds.

      We need a leader the likes of Mahatma Gandhi who led the way of resistance against the British Empire. Resistance, not revolution. While we await this leader, resistance begins now and it begins with me and everyone who wants change. We have to refuse to comply with unjust laws and mandates. We have to stop supporting businesses and agencies that are contributing to the godless corruption of our nation. We, as individuals, must begin now. Then we must pray for a strong leader to gather the individuals into a body that can bring about real change.

      As The Mask has become the symbol of compliance with the Leftist agenda, that is where resistance must begin. No more masks! If a store where you want to shop, won’t let you shop without one, walk out. Simple. (Though I have yet to find a store in the tri-county area that enforces the Mask rule.) The only legitimate reason to wear a mask is to get something you NEED, as in keeping your job to provide for your family.

      It’s important that we each do something, however small. Doing something keeps us from feeling powerless. And powerlessness is the fuel for violent revolution.


  3. I agree. In my view we at all times need to offer passive or firm or at times stern resistance. We didn’t get ourselves into this position overnight and we do not want to get ourselves out of it quickly. There is a growing, articulate, and committed Conservative hardcore out there that will continue to grow. We need to be patient and continue to chip away via converting the mob. Changing the way individuals think and view the world. Progressivism is a bag of lies sustained by the core human vices of envy, lust, and sloth. Folks can be made to see it though any struggle against a Bread and Circus culture must be considered uphill.


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